Migraine Disorders Research Grants

Migraine Disorders Research Grants

This program is intended for a more sophisticated or broader scope research project  A preference will be given to Basic Science projects.  The value of the grant can be up to $50,000.  It is possible to re-apply in subsequent years.


Our understanding of how traditional migraine attacks may relate to many other sensory and autonomic symptoms is limited by a lack of information.
In 2012 NIH revealed that they had funded only $8 million for migraine-related research. This fraction of 1% of total NIH research funding is striking when it is known that the migraine condition affects between 20-30% of the female population and is estimated to be the third most prevalent medical condition.

Our organization believes that there may be an underlying neuropathy as the cause of many conditions, such as cyclical vomiting syndrome, fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome. If this proves to be true, better understanding of this neuropathy may help the medical community treat a spectrum of disorders and relieve a lot of patient misery.
Our organization would like to stimulate research that might help in the diagnosis and treatment of this spectrum of migraine-related neuropathies.

Requirements for the Letter of Intent (LOI) Submission:
1. A one-page Letter of Intent, including brief descriptions on the:

  • Rationale and significance of the research project
  • specific aims and hypotheses
  • overall experimental approach

2. Applicant CV or NIH biosketch

Applicants are strongly advised to read through the RFP guidelines (link to RFP below) before submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI).

Only on invitation from the Research Advisory Board should a researcher submit a Migraine Disorders Research Grant Application.

Download the Request for Proposal (RFP) Download the Grant Application

If you have questions regarding this application, please email grants@migrainedisorders.org


November 25 Letters of Interest (LOI) due
Dec 9 Notification of outcome of LOI
Jan 15 Grant Applications Due
Mar 1 Award Grants